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Videocall a doctor during the day with the Qare App 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight. Qare is the number 1 service in France with 95% satisfaction. 

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Our client entrusted us with crafting a comprehensive brand identity that resonated with the creative community. This included designing a distinctive logo, developing engaging graphics, and conceptualizing a user-friendly UI/UX for the app. The brief emphasized the need for a visual representation that embodied connectivity and progression within the creative industry. Our design approach extended to the app's interface, where we developed intuitive and visually appealing screens, ensuring a seamless user experience that aligns with the app's innovative spirit.



The new McLaren App offers fans the most exclusive, rewarding and open-to-all access available anywhere on the F1 grid.


Awakened Souls

For the 'Awakened Souls' app project, our client presented us with a clear and impactful brief. Their vision was to create a mobile application tailored for attendees of Awakened Souls Events, offering a seamless and enriching user experience. The app aimed to simplify the process of purchasing event tickets, enable the creation of personal profiles, and facilitate connections among attendees. Moreover, it sought to incorporate features for sharing experiences, making donations, listening to meditation music, engaging users with a unique health and wellness daily challenge. Our mission was to translate this vision into a fully-functional, user-friendly app that not only meets the practical needs of event attendees but also fosters a sense of community and well-being.



One app. Total Control. Control the latest generation of Smarter products from wherever you are via the Smarter app.

Beautifully designed from the ground up, the Smarter app integrates full control of the latest generations of Smarter products.

Devices compatible with the app:

Smarter iKettle - 3rd Generation (all colour models)

Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation

Smarter FridgeCam



Working with Web Bluetooth protocol and 6LowPan on prototype Vaping device .

Application to provide usage data on vaping device, using
WKWebViews, Core Bluetooth and Nordic Semiconductor boards.



EVERi parcel, every person, every place – every delivery made for you.

It’s EVERi mission to offer the most convenient way to send, receive and return parcels without costing the earth. Whatever your parcel needs, wherever you are, you’ll get all this – and more – with this award-winning app.

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